Camping Coffee

To a huge number of people, coffee is an important part of life. If you don’t believe me, just have a look at how many coffee shops there are in your local neighbourhood! Now coffee shops are great, but especially when wild camping, the nearest coffee shop might be quite some distance away. What are … Read more

Coffee Ride 2023

No  reasons,  no  excuses,  no  pretences A Coffee Ride is just a bike ride, with one difference thrown in: somewhere along the ride, you’ll stop to brew your own coffee. That’s right, it’s not a coffee shop ride, but we also don’t want to get stuck on rules. I’m aware that leaves it quite woolly, and … Read more

November Coffee Ride

Every month I’m doing a Coffee Ride, and every month the coffee spot will be in a different place. If you’re in the area, you’d be most welcome to join me.If you do join me, just remember to bring your own kit to brew a coffee. What’s a Coffee Ride? That’s easy: a Coffee Ride … Read more

Go for a Coffee Ride!

Admit it – you love coffee almost as much as you love cycling. That simply makes coffee and cycling a perfect match! Your  very  own  Coffee  Ride Oh, bike rides with a café stop are great, and we all love them, but that’s not what a real Coffee Ride is about. Oh no! A Coffee … Read more