Coffee Ride 2023

No  reasons,  no  excuses,  no  pretences

Coffee Ride is just a bike ride, with one difference thrown in: somewhere along the ride, you’ll stop to brew your own coffee. That’s right, it’s not a coffee shop ride, but we also don’t want to get stuck on rules. I’m aware that leaves it quite woolly, and that’s intentional. The ethos is to brew your own coffee, somewhere outside, but what you do in practice is entirely up to you.

But  why?  What’s  the  point?

If you need to ask that, a Coffee Ride is probably not for you. Some of the best things we do in life is done simply because you can. Why do you climb a mountain?

There’s nothing wrong with cycling to your favourite café and enjoying a cup of coffee there. That’s not what a Coffee Ride is about though. Instead, a Coffee Ride is about getting outside, and making your own coffee. It’s not quite a camping trip, but it certainly is a step in that direction.

Every  month

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to do one Coffee Ride per month, throughout 2023. Yes, even in the heart of winter! How far you ride is entirely up to you, as is your destination. Just as long as you go for a Coffee Ride.

Nobody will keep tabs. Nobody will measure the distance, speed or gradients of your rides. Nobody will frown if you simply cycled to the local park, to brew up there, instead of cycling to some rural utopia.

Invite  others,  or  go  alone

Coffee is best shared, so if you can, do invite others along. Equally, many of us prefer the solitude of our own company, and that’s equally fine. I’d suggest you use the #CoffeeRide hashtag on social media, if you do post about it. And if you do, please share photos of your location, so we can all share vicariously in your Coffee Ride.

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