Wild Atlantic Way series – Sustainable cycle touring

The Wild Atlantic Way

This posts focuses on trying to find the most sustainable, least harmful way of getting to the start of my Wild Atlantic Way cycling adventure. Man-made climate change is real and undeniable. Only cranks and shills disagree with the astounding amount of verifiable scientific evidence. I’m very aware of my personal CO2 footprint, and am … Read more

The Wild Atlantic Way prep

Cliffs of Moher, along the Wild Atlantic Way

Unsupported long-distance cycle touring With the end on 2023 rapidly approaching, I’m slowly preparing for cycling the bottom 700 miles of the Wild Atlantic Way in May ’23. The Wild Atlantic Way apparently is the longest signposted coastal route in the world (a record that’s simply begging to be beaten) and it gets its name … Read more

The Wild Atlantic Way calls

Cliffs of Moher, on the Wild Atlantic Way

The  Wild  Atlantic  Way? The Wild Atlantic Way is a long-distance, incredibly scenic route along the west coast of Ireland. At 2 500 km (1 600 miles) in length, it’s the world’s longest defined coastal route. Officially, it runs from Kinsale, in County Cork, up to Derry, on the Inishowen Peninsula.  Obviously, the name is … Read more