The trouble with canal routes…

I love the serene cycling to be found when cycling along pretty much any of the UK’s many canals. Scenic views, plenty of Industrial Revolution heritage (and I’m a sucker for all that), quaint lock-keeper cottages, Victorian ingenuity and traffic-free bliss all make for a very heady combination. It’s that allure that made me do … Read more

Digital security for cyclists

“Digital security? What do you mean by that? I have a complex password for my email – surely that’s all I need? Besides, I’m not anyone famous or important, so nobody will target me, right?” Wrong, actually. Very wrong. Let’s have a look at how digital security, and your digital footprint, reaches into your life. … Read more

Keeping the thieves at bay

Nobody wants to have their bike stolen. Perhaps it’s your pride and joy, perhaps it’s just a pub bike. Perhaps it’s worth many thousands, perhaps you got it for free. It doesn’t matter what bike your ride, nor how much it costs. What matters is that it’s yours, and obviously you don’t want it stolen, … Read more

Security while cycle touring

After a long day of gorgeous cycling, you had a hearty meal, then settled down in your tent for a well-deserved night’s sleep. But what about your bike? Lying there with wide open eyes all night long is not conducive to good cycle touring, but then again, neither is waking up in the morning to discover … Read more