Cycle touring

Green touring

Green touring? As in, touring through a green landscape? Well, no. Green touring is about reducing your environmental footprint while touring. This is the point where people start claiming they care about the planet, always recycle, and what’s more, once wrote a sternly-worded Tweet about a certain supermarket’s excessive use of plastic, and even tagged the […]

Book review – Quondam – Travels In A Once World, by John Devoy

Quondam is not your normal travel book, and you may as well know this from the start. To begin with, it only tells part of Devoy’s journey, but far more unusual than that, it was written decades after the journey. Quondam recounts Devoy’s travels from Cairo to Nairobi. In this always-connected world of ours, Quondam […]

Bikes and trains

Update: I have a newer post about bikes on trains, covering all railway operators in the UK, and I suggest you go read that. This post is solely to offer a few tips for those who have never taken their bicycle on a train, and is meant to support my cycle routes page, which references […]

Cycle touring FAQs

Your  cycle  touring  questions  answered Following on from my cycle camping post, I thought I’d look at cycle touring in a bit more detail. You’ve read those stories of daring and adventure, of cycle tourists taking on the world and the elements and emerging, triumphantly, at the end, right? The reality will at times be […]

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